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Youth Ministry-Jr. High

We are excited to announce that Holy Spirit and St. Joseph are collaborating to provide a comprehensive youth ministry program for students from any school, living in any area, and of any or no particular faith in 6th-12th grade.

sALt Lite Logo

All parishioners (and anyone from any parish and faith) grades 6-8 are welcome to be a part of sALt Lite!

sALt Lite is a Jr. High Youth Group that focuses on fellowship, fun, food (of course!) and exploring topics important to teens and pre-teens as they grow in their faith and navigate the current culture.


sALt Lite, our Jr. High Youth Ministry will begin to meet again, beginning on November 8, getting back to our normal Lite Nights! Lite Nights take place at St. Joseph in the Social Hall, starting with 5:00pm Mass. Afterward students engage in games, activities and small group discussion regarding the topic of the evening. The sessions end at 7:30pm. Meetings will be in the Social Hall, socially distanced. Please wear masks if attending. Signups are not necessary for Lite Nights, come as you are (but, you know, with a mask)!

Upcoming Sessions:

November 8

November 22

December 1 (Tentative)

December 15 (Tentative)

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Grecol, Jr. High Youth Minister for Holy Spirit and St. Joseph, at [email protected]

GroupMe Mafia-Round 2 Coming to a Town Near You!

sALt Youth Ministry just finished their first round of GroupMe Mafia and is gearing up for round 2! The Town overcame and ran-out the Mafia, but will they be able to do it again? It’s up to you to help! The participants had such a great time with the game that, when the game barely finished, they were asking when round 2 began!

Well, round 2 is here! Any student (from any school) in grades 7-12 are invited to join the game! The game takes place over a series of real days with the town members trying to discover the mafia and vote them out of town! The game utilizes the GroupMe messaging app to record conversions, vote for eliminations, and have fun conversations as well! Messaging during school hours is avoided and the game closes each night around 8pm so students’ school and daily schedules are not interrupted.

The Town is taking new residents until Nov. 6th-don't be left out in the cold!


Click on the image for the link to rules of the game and sign-up genius!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Michael Grecol at the information below.

Got Questions?

Feel free to contact Sarah at

(440) 933-3777 or via email at [email protected]

or Michael at (440) 933-3152 or via email at [email protected]