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Youth Ministry of Holy Spirit and St. Joseph Parishes


Welcome! The High School Youth Ministry program at Holy Spirit and St. Joseph Parishes (sALt) is for teens in High School interested in developing a community that provides opportunities for social interaction, meaningful participation in the Church, but most importantly, opportunities to encounter Christ.  Our program includes liturgies, social events, retreats, service projects and programs geared towards and relevant to the issues and struggles that are faced daily by teens as they grow and mature.  We welcome all teens of any or no particular faith to participate in any and all Youth Ministry events. Let this be the year we get to know you!

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We're here to help during the present "slow down".

We hear you, it's a little different this time around, as schools and other activities go back online.

Here's what we got coming up:

Insight Nights and Drop-In will continue as usual via Lifesize.

Our 4th GroupMe Mafia Game-see below for how to join! As of 12/2 there's still spots open for our December game-but act quick!

Advent Paint Night December 18th 7pm via Lifesize

-Please RSVP to Sarah so she can get supplies to you. Sign-Up Genius Here


UPDATE: Insight Nights are back online for the time being.

Via Lifesize. Link to be sent via Remind.

What is Insight Night? Insight Night is our weekly discussion based meeting where high school aged teens of any high school, faith, or city come together to talk about what is important to you (and yes, eat and play ridiculous games). Sundays 7:30-9:30pm in Fr. Mosovsky Hall at Holy Spirit (Don't worry, we'll go back to using the Youth Room-it's just taking a break until we no longer need to worry about keeping a distance).

Insight Night Topics:

12/6: Death and Dying. Oh. And Advent (they're related).

12/13: Advent Service Night from Home- Bake Off for St. Elizabeth Shelter

     Reserve your kitchen for this one peeps! Previously the plan was to goof around and bake cookies together for St. Elizabeth's. We're still doing it, just from the comfort of your own kitchen (and the rest of us goofing around on Lifesize). Bakers, be ready to show off your best recipe. Nonbakers...we're here to help. All of you-Just don't get batter on your  phone/laptop/your little brother's Cromebook. Check back here for some suggested recipes for the day of-many from our sALteen Bakers-make sure you have the right supplies!

12/20: CHRISTmas Par-Tay (What's that? How are we going to do this digitally? You'll see. :)  )

1/3: Inspiration Actually Means the Act of Breathing

1/10: Make Noise [More Than Usual]

4th Round for November: GroupMe ongoing game of Mafia!

(Update-The Mafia won our "December round" before December even started in an unprecidented run! So, we're adding a second December round that will actually take place in December. There's still time to join-see the link below!)

If you've ever been to Insight Night, you probably know that we like the old school whodunnit game. A lot. Our Jr. High Minister Michael Grecol has found a way to keep the game going-anyone from sALt or sALt Lite are welcome to join (13+please!). Info and sign up here.

Digital Drop-In

Hey! We've heard that some of you could make Drop-In if on a different day! Take a minute and help us find the best time for you by answering our poll (it's 4 questions!) Link here!

Drop-In is the much-less-structured-more-about-fellowship sibling of Insight Night where we do anything from hiking to playing Jackbox games to just hanging out. Anyone in High School is welcome Wednesdays 3:30-5pm via Lifesize due to the recent rise in COVID cases.

What's coming up for Drop-In?

Help us spread some cheer over the coming months as we make holiday cookies (yep, Turkeys for Thanksgiving too) and Christmas cards to be given to the men at St. Elizabeth shelter. (And yes, of course the cooks get to taste their work.)

Into art journaling? Join us we dive deep this Advent!

Keep an eye on this website and/or Remind re: the activity for this week. We will distance in Fr. Mosovsky Hall. Bring a friend!

Big Events:

Spring  Summer Fall Winter Retreat

Prodigal Spring Retreat 2020

Our Spring Summer Fall Winter Retreat will have to be rescheduled yet again due to COVID. (If you know the story, this kinda fits tbh.)

Keep an eye out for our next date in 2021!


NCYC 2019 Photos (Remember when we could stand close enough to each other for photos?):


2017/2018 Photo slideshow!