Realm - What, Why and How

What Is Realm? Why Should I Care?

Realm is our parish information software. It helps the staff be responsible stewards of parish financess, volunteers connect to and run ministries, and parishoners to sign up for events and keep in touch. 

In short - Realm centralizes parish information on a secure platform and helps us more effectively focus on living our Gospel calling as a parish. 

Realm helps prevent waste of valuable parish resources and makes sure that parishoners are connected to each other and to ministries and events in the parish. 


How Do I Use Realm?

The parish staff will be holding meetings and providing more in depth information in the coming months.

However - you can start using and enjoying the benefits of Realm TODAY!

To sign up for Realm, complete the two(2) following steps:


     1) Click Here To Email The Parish Office Requesting a Realm Invite >> or Call the Parish Office at 440.933.3777

          **PLEASE NOTE - we will need to have a functioning email on file for you to recieve the invite link. 


     2)   Follow the Instructions in the Invitation Email for registering an account.

            This will include a link to our page, Realm Account Step-By-Step  Setup >>