Grade 6 Questions

Grade 6

Chapters 1 to 3

  1. What is temptation? How does it work on us?
  2. What is Original Sin? What effect has it had on us?
  3. How did Blessed Peter To Rot stay faithful to Catholicism?
  4. What is a covenant?
  5. What are some simple but important ways you can be faithful?
  6. What is providence? How can you see it all around you?
  7. Tell about the second creation account of God’s creation of man and woman.
  8. What is the Old Testament?
  9. Why do you think people may have wanted to live near Saint Fiacre?
  10. What can sixth-graders do to help show respect for the dignity of everyone at school?
  11. How did Saint Teresa of Ávila bring joy and holiness to Carmelite convents?
  12. What is Lectio Divina?
  13. What does the story of Ruth and Naomi tell us?
  14. How is the Bible written?
  15. Why are stories so important for families and communities?


Chapters 4 to 6

  1. What did Jesus mean by the Kingdom of God? How can you see it all around you?
  2. Who was Saint Hilda of Whitby?
  3. What is natural moral law? Give an example of a natural moral law written in your heart.
  4. How was God always faithful even when the Hebrews complained in the desert?
  5. What is the Decalogue?
  6. What happened at the Last Supper?
  7. Why is "Savior" a title for Jesus alone?
  8. Why do Jews still celebrate Passover? What is Passover?
  9. What happened when God sent the tenth plague to Egypt?
  10. What was the covenant that God made with Moses and the Israelites?
  11. How does faith help us on our life journey?
  12. Why do we pray prayers of petition?
  13. Who was Saint Monica? How is her story a story about the power of prayer?
  14. What is salvation?
  15. How did Abram and Sarai show their faith in God?


Chapters 7 to 9

  1. What steps could prepare you to stand up for what you believe?
  2. How did Dorothy Day act like a prophet?
  3. What does the Incarnation mean?
  4. Who is the Messiah?
  5. Why is the prophet's job difficult and frightening?
  6. What are the Old Testament's wisdom writings?
  7. Who was Saint Thomas Aquinas?
  8. Why and how did King Solomon seek wisdom?
  9. What is wisdom? What do we know about growing in wisdom?
  10. What did Saint Hildegard discover about wisdom?
  11. How did Samuel feel about Israel's desire for a king?
  12. What does "anoint" mean?
  13. What kind of king was King David?
  14. What are the psalms?
  15. How did Saint Louis IX rule as king in France?


Chapters 10 – 12

  1. What has changed in the way the Church communicates the Gospel today?
  2. How did Saint Jude describe his role as a follower of Jesus?
  3. Why did Saint Paul describe the Church as the "Body of Christ"?
  4. What are the Marks of the Church? Why are they important? Describe one in greater detail.
  5. How do the Epistles tell us more about the spread of the Gospel?
  6. How does Apostolic Succession connect us with the Church Jesus established?
  7. What is a "mission"? What could your mission be?
  8. Tell about the Pentecost experience in Jerusalem.
  9. How did Saint Matthias become an Apostle?
  10. What is the Holy Trinity?
  11. How should you define "Church"?
  12. Who was Saint John Neumann?
  13. What is the Gospel?
  14. How did Jesus announce that he was "God's anointed"?
  15. What does "Redeemer" mean?


Chapters 13 to 15

  1. How and why did Saint Margaret of Cortona change her sinful life?
  2. What is conscience? How does it work for a sixth-grader?
  3. What is the message Jesus shared in the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant?
  4. Explain the three conditions necessary for a sin to be a mortal sin.
  5. What happens as a result of sin?
  6. Who was Blessed Maria Vicenta?
  7. What is real peace? How can you be a peacemaker?
  8. What do the Beatitudes teach us about God's priorities?
  9. What is a virtue?
  10. What is justice?
  11. What is charity?
  12. Tell about Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.
  13. What is morality? Give an example of sixth graders living and acting in right relationship.
  14. What happened at the Transfiguration of Jesus?
  15. What is the Old Law? What is the New Law?


Chapters 16 to 18

  1. How did Saint Henry II and his wife Cunegond share the Gospel as a married couple?
  2. Why is the family called the domestic Church?
  3. Tell about the first miracle Jesus worked.
  4. What does modesty mean?
  5. What is Matrimony?
  6. What does it mean to live a consecrated religious life?
  7. What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders?
  8. How did Saint Ignatius of Loyola serve the Church?
  9. What is a vocation? What do you think your vocation might be?
  10. How did the disciples of Jesus react when he washed their feet?
  11. How did Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne live out her call to spread the Good News?
  12. What does the "Real Presence" mean?
  13. What are the Sacraments of Initiation?
  14. How did Philip evangelize the man from Ethiopia? How did the Ethiopian react?
  15. What is conversion?


Chapters 19 to 21

  1. How is hope important in a Christian's life?
  2. What does the Resurrection of Jesus mean for us?
  3. Who was Saint John the Evangelist?
  4. What is apocalyptic literature?
  5. What is the Book of Revelation about?
  6. What did Saint Charles Borromeo do to help heal divisions in the Church?
  7. How does ecumenism help the Church?
  8. What was the Protestant Reformation?
  9. What is a schism? Why do schisms take place?
  10. How did Jesus show his concern about unity for his followers?
  11. Who was Saint Mary Faustina Kowalska?
  12. What are the Corporal and the Spiritual Works of Mercy?
  13. Why does Purgatory exist?
  14. What happens to those in Heaven and those in Hell?
  15. What is the Communion of Saints?