Grade 5 Questions

Grade 5

Chapters 1 to 3

  1. What are the signs or symbolic actions that accompany any two of the Seven Sacraments?
  2. What is a covenant? What covenant did God establish with the Israelites?
  3. What do you see that points to God's presence?
  4. How did Moses see the burning bush as a sacred sign?
  5. Tell about several signs that point to something else for you. Explain.
  6. Tell about a place where you can more easily seek God.
  7. What is faith? How does it change our lives?
  8. Describe Saint Augustine’s journey to God.
  9. How can you explain grace to someone who has never heard of it?
  10. What do you long for? Is it things, relationships, experiences?
  11. Why did Jesus use natural things, such as water, oil, and wheat used in bread, to leave us Sacraments as signs of his presence?
  12. Who was Saint Hildegard of Bingen? How did she show her respect and love for God’s creation?
  13. How can you and other fifth-graders be good stewards of creation?
  14. What is Divine Revelation?
  15. Tell about a great experience you had in nature that made you happy and grateful for God's creation.


Chapters 4 to 6

  1. Why is it a good idea to "focus on your motive" as you make a decision?
  2. Fortitude helped Saint Thomas More make a hard choice. Tell about his choice and a hard choice you made.
  3. What are the Cardinal Virtues?
  4. Tell about the conversation between Jesus and the scribe. What did the scribe learn from Jesus?
  5. How can fifth-graders practice the virtue of justice—in school, with friends and teammates?
  6. How did David show Israel that worship should be joyful?
  7. What is reverence? How can we act in reverent ways?
  8. How do Catholics acknowledge the Holy Trinity in the liturgy?
  9. Who was Saint Cecilia? How did she often pray?
  10. How can you offer worship?
  11. Why was Saint Athanasius willing to be sent far from home? 
  12. Explain what the Church means by calling some teachings a mystery.
  13. How did Patrick’s early life strengthen him to do great things for God?
  14. What is the Holy Trinity? How do we express our belief in the Trinity?
  15. How do virtues really help us?


Chapters 7 to 9

  1. Tell about the death of Saint Paul Miki? How was it like the Death of Jesus?
  2. What feasts or seasons of the liturgical year are your favorites? Explain.
  3. What is Original Sin?
  4. What was Mother Teresa's "call within a call?"
  5. What is the Paschal Mystery?
  6. What is the Kingdom of God?
  7. Why do we say that miracles can’t be explained by science?
  8. What lessons did Saint Catherine of Siena learn about the Eucharist?
  9. Why did the parables Jesus told use examples from everyday life?
  10. What is conversion?
  11. What does the Gospel story about the Magi tell us about honoring Jesus?
  12. What does free will mean?
  13. How did Blessed María Vicenta Rosal Vásquez show people that Jesus loves us with his whole heart?
  14. How does the name of Jesus tell about his work?
  15. How are people made in God’s image?


Chapters 10 to 12

  1. Why are the Saints great models for us?
  2. What does the Church mean by being "holy?"
  3. What are beatification and canonization?
  4. What is the Assumption?
  5. Why does the Church call Mary the "Queen of Saints?"
  6. How can catechists or religion teachers share in the Church's mission to spread the Good News about Jesus?
  7. What is a dogma or doctrine?
  8. How was Pope Saint John Paul II a wonderful teacher for the Church?
  9. Who is the Pope?
  10. Why did Jesus call Peter a "rock" when he gave him authority to lead the Church?
  11. What are the Marks of the Church? Focus particularly on one of the traits.
  12. What is the Body of Christ? Are fifth-graders part of that Body?
  13. Why did Pope Saint John XXIII call a new Church council?
  14. Why is the Church called by different titles in the Bible?
  15. What did Saint Robert Bellarmine do to encourage Church unity?


Chapters 13 to 15

  1. How does the father in the Parable of the Lost Son forgive both of his sons?
  2. What is absolution?
  3. What is contrition? Tell about a time when you felt contrition.
  4. What was the special gift of Saint John Vianney?
  5. What are the two Sacraments of Healing?
  6. What is Sacred Chrism? How is it used?
  7. What has the modern Church learned from the writings of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem?
  8. What are the Sacraments of Initiation?
  9. Why is a catechumen also called a "learner"?
  10. What is the RCIA?
  11. How did Saint Gemma Galgani like to pray?
  12. What are prayers of lamentation?
  13. Should we worry about venial sins?
  14. What is sin?
  15. Why is mortal sin the most serious form of personal sin?


Chapters 16 to 18

  1. Tell about the devotion Saint Clare had to the Eucharist?
  2. What can you and other fifth-graders do to "live the Eucharist" in your daily lives?
  3. How do Catholics honor the Blessed Sacrament?
  4. What does transubstantiation mean?
  5. What are "spiritual hungers?"
  6. What is the homily? How does it help people to understand the Scripture readings?
  7. What are the psalms?
  8. What is Lectio Divina?
  9. What is a creed? Why is it an important statement?
  10. How did Saint Ignatius of Loyola's life change when he read about the Saints?
  11. What are some ways that non-ordained people participate in the Eucharist?
  12. Who was Saint Louis de Montfort? What did he try to teach people about God?
  13. How did early Christians borrow the Jewish Sabbath custom?
  14. What does the Communion of Saints mean to fifth-graders?
  15. What is the Real Presence?


Chapters 19 to 21

  1. Tell about Saint Vincent de Paul and his work for the poor.
  2. What are the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy?
  3. How do the Gifts of the Holy Spirit help ordinary people live the Christian life?
  4. How is a missionary a special kind of evangelist?
  5. How did Saint Frances Cabrini become a missionary to the United States?
  6. What is the Last Judgment?
  7. How did Saint Stephen show his faith even as he was dying?
  8. What can fifth-graders do to help comfort someone who has lost a loved one?
  9. How does the Church help people prepare for death?
  10. What does the Church teach about Heaven and Hell?
  11. What are the Sacraments at the Service of Communion?
  12. What are vows? What vows do consecrated religious take?
  13. Who are the laity? How do they serve the Church?
  14. How did Saints Isidore and Maria live out their vocation as married people? What can we learn from them?
  15. What is a vocation? What do you think your vocation might be?