Easter Food Blessing

What's the meaning behind the Easter Basket

The blessing of the Easter food baskets on Holy Saturday is a tradition among Roman 
Catholics around the world. As to what goes into a food basket depends on the 
region one is from, the family's preferences, and financial means. Instead of ham, 
for example, some place lamb in their baskets. In wine-making regions, bottles of 
superior vintage go into the basket, and yet others add green spring vegetables to 

Common Basket Items--While tastes vary by region and family, the basket usually 
contains certain items: butter, bread, horseradish, (decorated) eggs, sausage, ham 
and/or lamb, smoked meats, cheese, salt, and cake. A candle is placed in the basket 
so it can be lit during the blessing, and some families tie a bow or ribbon around the 
basket handle. Everything is covered with a richly embroidered cloth that rests atop 
the food.

Butter symbolizes the goodness of Christ that we should emulate toward others. It 
can be shaped into a fancy lamb mold or simply packed into a glass container with 
cloves arranged into a cross on the top.

Easter Bread- A round loaf of sweetened yeast bread or cake studded with orange 
and lemon peel and raisins. It is a symbol of Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life.
Horseradish is mixed with vinegar which is symbolic of the bitterness and harshness 
of Christ's passion, and sweetened with sugar or honey as a reminder of the 

Hard-Cooked Eggs are symbols of Easter, life, and prosperity, and Christ's 
Resurrection from the tomb.

Sausage or Kielbasa links are symbolic of the chains of death that were broken when 
Jesus rose from the dead, as well as God’s favor and generosity.

Ham or Bacon is symbolic of great joy and abundance. Some households prefer veal 
or lamb, which reminds Christians that the risen Christ is the Lamb of God.

Salt, a necessary element in physical life, is symbolic of prosperity and justice and is 
included in the basket to remind us that people are the flavor of the earth.

Cheese is symbolic of the moderation Christians should have at all times. 

A candle, which will be lighted in a church at the blessing of the baskets, represents 
Christ as the Light of the World.

Sweets—Fruit, candy, poppy seed and nut rolls, pastry items are promises of eternal 
life and the good things ahead.

Easter Basket Decorations--Although traditions vary from family to family about 
what goes into the basket that is to be blessed on Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday, 
what seems to remain constant is the colorful ribbons and greenery, pussy willows, 
or dried flowers attached to the basket as signs of joy and new life in the season of 
spring and in celebration of the Resurrection.

The other must is the richly embroidered cover that goes over the basket--this 
symbolizes Christ's burial shroud. It's usually made of linen or other fine cloth and is 
embroidered with religious symbols related to the Resurrection and the celebration 
of Easter. These basket covers are often passed down from generation to generation. 


On Holy Saturday (April 16th, 2022 ) the two food blessings in Avon Lake are:


Holy Spirit Food Blessing- 11:00 am, Chapel

St. Joseph Food Blessing-3:30 pm, Church