Authorization Form and Information About Direct Debit



Information About Direct Debit

No need to carry cash to church.

Eliminates the need to write a check and prepare an envelope before attending services.

Keeps the amount of your contribution confidential.

Allows you to contribute on a designated schedule without interruption when traveling or ill.

Eliminates the cost of the check and check processing fee for you and the church.  Electronic transactions are typically less expensive than paper, when there is a charge.

The Church can count on your contributions according to a predefined schedule, improving its cash flow process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Debit?  Direct Debit is the electronic withdrawal, based on your authorization of and amount of money, from your existing checking or savings account.

How does Direct Debit work?  Based on your authorization, your contribution to the Church will be automatically deducted (debited) from your existing checking or savings account.

Will I have to change banks in order to have Direct Debit?  Your bank is capable of receiving Direct Debits so you will not have to change banks in order to participate in the Direct Debit program.

How do I sign up?  You simply fill in the authorization form in this packet with the needed banking information from the bottom of your check.  Sign the form and return it, along with a voided check, to the Parish Office.  Assistance in completing the form will be provided if needed.

What amount will be deducted from my account?  The amount deducted from your account will be the amount you indicated on the form.  The dollar amount deducted will be the same amount for each debit.

How often will the debit occur?  You indicate how often you want the deduction to affect your account...weekly or once a month.

What if I want to make additional offerings besides my normal weekly or monthly offering?  You can still use your envelopes to contribute to special collections.

How will I know if my offering was deducted from my account?  The debit will appear on your monthly  bank statement.

What happens if I decide to change banks?  You will need to inform the Parish Office and complete a new authorization form with the new bank and account information.

How can I cancel Direct Debit?  You can cancel Direct Debit at any time by notifying the Parish Office.

If I enroll in Direct Debit, will I be charge any additional fees by my bank?  No.  There are no additional fees to you for this service.