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Confirmation for Students


Confirmation for Students

Update: At this time, February Sessions are expected to continue in person in the small group your teen is registered for in the usual place and time. Contact Sarah if you would prefer to attend your small group via video call.

Confirmation 2021 Registration:

General registration has been completed at this time. If you have a situation regarding a student in 9-12th grade seeking the Sacrament or have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Sarah at 440-933-3777.

Small Group Options for 2021 (Please have your teen select a 1st and 2nd Choice)

1st Sunday Evening  of the Month 5:30-6:45p

       October 4

       November 1

       December 6

       January 3

       February 7

       March 7

      April-TBD due to Easter-group will discuss reschedule closer to)

      May 2


2nd Sunday Evening of the Month 5:30-6:45p

     October 11

     November 8

     December 13

     January 10

     February 14

     March 14

     April 11

     May 9 (Mother’s Day conflict-group will discuss closer to)


3rd Wednesday of the Month 5:30-6:45p

     October 21

     November 18

     December 16

     January 20

     February 17

     March 17

     April 21

     May 19



You should have received an email with some basic information re: Confirmation formation for the 2020-2021 school year. If you have not received an email and feel that you should have, please email Sarah at [email protected]


Confirmation formation for students takes place as early as the fall of the 9th grade, though it is open to any student in high school, and is focused on spiritual development.

The eligibility of each student is determined by

  • Completion of the elementary Parish School of Religion
  • Appropriate spiritual development and,
  • Regular practice of the Catholic Faith.

Regular attendance at Sunday Mass, reception of the Sacraments and a willingness to continue to participate in religious education are major factors in the assessment of readiness for the Sacrament.  Students are strongly encouraged to be part of the Youth Ministry Program (sALt) in the Parish, though it is NOT mandatory.  Confirmation is not the end of religious education (AKA Confirmation is not graduation!).   Rather, it is part of a process of life-long learning, commitment and community.  This process of formation should continue throughout the high school years and throughout one’s entire life.


Confirmation 2021 Forms:

Emergency Medical Form

The following forms are not due until March:

Got Questions? Check out this explanation of the forms for Confirmation.

Application for Reception of the Sacrament 2021

Sponsor Certificate

Portrait of My Patron Saint

Service Activity Response

The Service Hour Log (due at May Session): Please note that due to COVID-19 teens only need to complete one service project of any length.

Service Hour Log


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sarah at the parish office at 440-933-3777.