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Dear Parishioners,

Color me astounded.  (I think it is a shade in the periwinkle family—and thank you, Crayola 64-pack for expanding my color recognition.)  A few weeks ago in the bulletin I wrote about the need of the parish for IT work for the church and the PSR classrooms.  I am happy to report that several donors—who want to be anonymous—have come to me with significant contributions towards those expenses.

There are two things that stand out for me.  One is the generosity of the parishioners of Holy Spirit.  This has been something I heard about before coming to Holy Spirit and have seen in my almost three years here at the parish.  Significant gifts come to the parish at a frequency greater than I have a right to expect.  Since one of my joys in life is getting the mail (seriously, I checked my mailbox at the seminary at least 4 times a day; the mail always promises something new to me), I see the offerings being given to the parish by people who are unable to make it to Mass.  It says something that you are dedicated to making sure these donations come to the church, even if you are unable to accompany your offerings in person.

The other thing that strikes me is that many of our donors wish to remain unknown!  I would gladly share who it is that helped the parish, but many—even most—do not want to be made known.  Their giving is not about self-glorification, but the greater glory of God and the proclamation of Him in and through Holy Spirit Parish. 

My thanks to all the parishioners, those who offer significant amounts; those who give regularly; those “widows” offering their mite—not much in the eyes of the world, but exceptional in the eyes of God.  What I see is not $$$, but your dedication and support of Holy Spirit Parish, your parish.  You all astound me.  THANK YOU!


Rev. Charles F. Strebler



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