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Youth Ministry Resources

Youth Ministry Resources

Want to learn more? Need a spiritual pick me up mid-week? Look at the resources below! They range from a priest in the Netherlands geeking out about Star Wars or Doctor Who to some frank answers to difficult times and difficult questions.

Culture-movies, books, video games+nerd culture (#LLAP!)


Content produced by Fr. Roderick, a Catholic Priest from the Netherlands who is obsessed with Star Wars.


Home of the podcast "Secrets of Doctor Who" Whovians, I highly recommend it.

Resources for prayer

The Daily Disconnect 

A 10 minute (or less) contemplative podcast produced by the Order of Carmelites. An awesome way to take a quick break!


Need Answers?

Word on Fire Show Podcast

From beauty to how do we know God exists to sports and spirituality, if you have a question, Word on Fire probably has a podcast about it.


Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Word on Fire

From movies, to travel, to questions of faith and life, there's probably and article for it.