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Youth Ministry-Jr. High

Youth Ministry-Jr. High

We are excited to announce that Holy Spirit and St. Joseph are collaborating to provide a comprehensive youth ministry program for students from any school, living in any area, and of any or no particular faith in 6th-12th grade.

All parishioners (and anyone from any parish and faith) grades 6-8 are welcome to be a part of Edge!

Edge is a Jr. High Youth Group that focuses on fellowship, fun, food (of course!) and exploring topics important to teens and pre-teens as they grow in their faith and navigate the current culture.

Meetings take place at St. Joseph in the social hall, starting with 5:00pm mass and following with dinner. Afterward students engage in games, activities and small group discussion regarding the topic of the evening.

Upcoming Meetings:

June 10th! Incoming 6th graders are welcome!

Summer 2018 Service Projects:

Jr. High Service Days

Days #1: July 19 - 21

Days #2: July 25 - 27

Days #3: July 31-August 2

JUST 5 DAYS - 2018
Jr. High Service Trip
St. Joseph, Michigan
July 9 at 8:00am to Friday, July 13, 2018 at 9:30pm
For more information go to:

Stay Tuned for more information re: area service projects!



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