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Please, no gum chewing in Church

In order to receive Holy Communion, it is required that one abstain for at least one hour before Holy Communion from food and drink, except for water and medicine (this would include coffee and sports drinks).  As the Virgin Mary was made worthy to receive the Lord by being freed from any spot of sin, we prepare a worthy place for Him to be received by us the Eucharistic fast.  Gum chewing breaks the fast- which excludes a person from receiving Communion.  Also mints, Life Savers, and the like-- unless used to address a true medical issue-- break the fast and should not be consumed in the church.  Even if one is not receiving Communion, the church, as a scared space, is not the place for food or drink.  Anyone old enough to receive Communion should be able to go an hour with out eating, unless a medical condition requires it.  You are asked not to chew gum before, during, or after Mass while in the church building.  Waste bins are provided at the door from the narthex into the church for you to deposit your gum.  Please do not throw gum on the sidewalk or stick it under the pews.  If you are unclear if the medical exemption applies to you, please consult with Fr. Strebler. 


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