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Pre-Baptismal Class

Pre-Baptismal Class


Pre-Baptismal Class Schedule for 2018

Sunday          January 21          12:30 pm            St. Thomas, Sheffield Lake      440-949-7744

Tuesday         February 20          7:30 pm            St. Mary, Avon                          440-934-0507

Thursday       March 15               7:30 pm            Holy Spirit, Avon Lake              440-933-3777

Tuesday         April 17                  6:30 pm           St. Joseph, Avon Lake              440-933-8919

Sunday          May 20                12:30 pm           St. Thomas

Tuesday         June 19                7:30 pm            St. Mary

Thursday       July 18                  7:30 pm            Holy Spirit

Tuesday        August 21              6:30 pm           St. Joseph

Sunday         September 16      12:30 pm          St. Thomas

Tuesday       October 16             7:30 pm           St. Mary

Thursday      November 15         7:30 pm           Holy Spirit  

 No Class in December


Please call the sponsoring Parish to register and for instructions as to where the class will be held.  There is no fee to attend a Pre-Baptismal Class.

Baptisms are celebrated at Holy Spirit Parish on the third Sunday of each month by appointment only.  Call the Parish Office at 440-933-3777 for information.